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TS-2000E HF/VHF/UHF Base/Mobile Transceiver

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Quick Overview

TS-2000E HF/VHF/UHF Base/Mobile Transceiver

  • All-Mode Multi-Band Transceiver - HF/50/144/430 MHz Bands

  • Dual-Channel Receivers

  • DX-Cluster Reception via Built-In TNC

  • IF-DSP (Main Band) and AF-DSP (Sub Band)

  • Satellite Mode with Dual Tracking and CTCSS Tones

  • Built-In ATU

  • Built-In Computer COM Port 

  • 300 Memory Channels and Free Downloadable Windows Memory Management Software


The Kenwood TS-2000 series transceiver offers today's demanding Amateur operator high performance
standards without the compromising limitations found in other similar multi-band,
multi-mode transceiver. The TS-2000 offers 100 watts on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters, 50 watts on 70cm,
and when you install the optional UT-20 1.2 GHz module at 10 watts,
you will have assembled the most complete dual receiver multi-mode transceiver ever produced.
The TS-2000 is transverter frequency display function ready to work with the latest satellite frequencies available.
- Frequency: 30kHz-60MHz, 142-152MHz, 420-450, (1240-1300MHz optional)
- RF Output: HF/50/144MHz 100W, 440MHz 50W, 1200MHz 10W
- Modes: SSB, CW, FSK, FM & AM
- Simultaneous reception on two bands possible
- Independent sub-band 118-174MHz, 220-512MHz (FM/AM only)
- Built-in automatic ATU (HF/50MHz) with preset memory
- World's first HF backlit front key panel
- Autotracking satellite functions (cross-mode compatible)
- IF DSP for main-band use
- AF DSP for sub-bands
- Combination of Digital IF filters & IF DSP slope tuning
- Digital IF AGC
- IF Auto-Notch function
- Manual Notch for single wave
- AF beat canceller
- Choice of Noise Reduction - NR1 for SSB, NR2 (SPAC) for CW
- CW Autotuning * DSP variable demodulation for SSB/CW/FSK/AM
- Built-in TNC (1200/9600bps) information displayed on LCD
- Electronic keyer system
- Kenwood Sky Command System (KSS) II Transporter built-in
- Size 270 x 96 x 317mm
Options: RC-2000 Remote Head, ACRP-2000 Remote Control Software, UT-20 23cm Unit, DRU-3A Digital Recording Unit, MB-430 Mobile Bracket

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